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Tummy Time - Frameable Picture

Have you ever had a special celebration come up, be it someone’s birthday, Christmas, an anniversary and you want to get a little token gift for them from your child? You want a personal gift, but your child is too young to make a gift and you end you buying something instead. Well we have the perfect idea for you a frameable picture made by your little “Scribble” themselves.

Using shapes that your little “Scribble” can decorate and turn these into a piece of themed art you can frame for the wall or give as a gift.

First, take a piece of cardboard place into a “zip lock bag” or sealable freezer bag. You might need to trim the top and/or bottom to make it fit. Add a small blob of some blue paint.

Seal the bag and put to one side.

Next we cut out some underwater themed shapes out of our cardboard, Ive chosen a fish, a turtle, a seahorse, and an octopus. Don’t worry if you’re not great at art we just need the outline, (and besides your little “Scribble” wont judge!). Place these shapes into a “zip lock bag” or sealable freezer bag. Add different coloured paints to the bag, except blue.

Next seal the second bag up and off we go for some tummy time with both the bags. Once your little “Scribble” is finished simply remove all the cardboard from both the bags. I do find it easier to cut the bags open so as not to lose the paint affect, but whatever works for you.

Once all the pieces have dried simply glue the underwater themed shapes to your blue background. You have now have an underwater picture with some bright coloured sea creatures swimming around; all made by your little “Scribble” themselves.

Pop the picture in a frame for a lovely gift for family and friends. Why not try different themed ideas for a perfect Tummy Time-Framed Picture.

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