• Scribble and Splat

Tummy Time - Hangable Shapes

Little “Scribbles” can create their own hangable shapes which can be hung up to show off their masterpieces.

Now you can make some moveable shapes yourself using split pin butterfly clip type things. However “The Works” currently sell moveable, hangable shapes in a pack of four at a very reasonable cost. Here is an example https://www.theworks.co.uk/p/paper-and-card/movable-shapes---pack-of-4/5052089241442.

Now whilst these shapes are moveable; once we have added paint to them, they might not move quite as easily.

We take our moveable shape and place it into a large “zip lock bag” or sealable freezer bag; you might need to move the shape around a little, so it fits into the bag and lays flat.

Next add some different coloured paint to both sides of the shape. These can be different colours or the same colours its entirely up to you but bear in mind too many colours will probably just mix into a brown blobby mess.

Finally seal the second bag up and off we go for some tummy time. Your little “Scribble will love patting and scrunching up the bag. Once they are finished simply remove the hangable shape carefully, (you might need to cut the bag to avoid it tearing due to it being so wet from the paint) and leave the shape to dry.

Once it is dry simply hang it up for all to see an admire.

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