• Scribble and Splat

Tummy Time Painting

A classic favourite arty craft for little “Scribbles” is Tummy Time Painting. If you’ve not heard of this before, it is a great way for your little one to have fun engaging with different colours and different textures without them getting messy. What’s more you’re left with a cute little work of art made from their own hands.

To do this simply take a “zip lock bag” or sealable freezer bag; place a piece of cut to size cardboard inside.

Next add splashes of paint in the colours you want, into the bag. Bear in mind if you put too many colours in you could end up with a brown blobby mess; this might be the look you’re after, or you might not care but just so you have the heads up.

Finally seal the bag (you can add some tape to the end as well if you wish), and place on the floor with your little one for some tummy time. Your little “Scribble” will have a whale of a time patting and scrunching the bag.

Once they’re done, carefully open the bag, take out their masterpiece and leave to dry. I often find it is easier to carefully cut the bag open rather than try to pull the card out of the bag.

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