• Scribble and Splat

Tummy Time Painting-Making a Card

Now we have a basic art project for our little “Scribbles” we can use this basic idea to create some great arty pictures, and even little gifts for family and friends. (See Tummy Time Painting)

How about using pre-cut shapes that your little “Scribble” can decorate and turn these into a card.

First, we cut a heart shape out of our cardboard and place this into a “zip lock bag” or sealable freezer bag.

Next fold a piece of cardboard in half to make a card and place into another “zip lock bag” or sealable freezer bag. You might need to trim the top and/or bottom to make it fit.

Add different coloured paints to each of the bags. Next seal the bags up and off we go for some tummy time with the bags.

Once your little “Scribble” is finished simply remove the cardboard from both the bags. I do find it easier to cut the bags open so as not to lose the paint affect, but whatever works for you.

Next once both pieces are dry simply glue the heart to the front of the card and add words inside.

Use this same principle to make lots of different card designs.

For a birthday card why not cut out a letter for a person’s initial or an “M”, “D”, “N” etc for Mummy, Daddy, Nana. Or a balloon shape.

For a seasonal card idea such as an egg, chicken, or rabbit shape for Easter.

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